Huipil, the artwork in everyday use

women from Chiampas, Mexico wearing traditional huipil
Women from Chiampas region of Mexico wearing huipils, photo courtesy PWRDF

Some time ago I visited an exibition of Mexican textiles from the Chiapas region of the country and I was striked by the beauty of huipil - the traditional dress of the Mayan women - as well as by their skills in embroidery. To think about it: a rectangle of cotton with an opening for the head...what can be simplier? This design has been popular in different cultures for centuries . But add some love, creativity and skills to this simple practical piece of clothing and it turns into a work of art.


Chinese print dress

Chinese print summer dress

It's October but the weather here is still nice and summery and let you wear light sleeveless dresses. Like the one in this post. I got it from my daughter who found it in a charity shop in London. It was a bit too big for her but has a perfect fit for me.


Embroidered sleeves blouse

Embroidered sleeves blouse with printed skirt

In my previous post I wore super wide pants and today the super wide sleeves are the main attraction of my look. Besides being that wide they are decorated with super beautiful embroidery. No doubt, that's these sleeves that make this blouse stand out.


Super wide printed pants

Super wide trousers with crop top

These new trousers of mine are super super wide in legs. I don't know whether they fit into palazzo pants category... usually those have more straight cut along the length while these one have quite a significant width difference between upper and bottom parts. You can easily take these pants for a skirt.


Vintage linen dress

Vintage early 70s linen dress with embroidery

Another linen dress today. This one is an authentic vintage item, the dress used to be my mom's and she wore it in the early 1970s. Simple fabric, simple silhouette, pale blue colour...this simplicity makes the floral embroidery at the top part of the dress really stand out.